The Sinking Sanctum

A small and humble place, the entrance to the temple of Melora sits atop a large cliff overlooking the ocean. Dug into the very side of the rock a set of precarious stairs set into the side and descending down the cliff face. At the end of the stairs, spreading out into an open-air temple, … Continue reading The Sinking Sanctum


Session 10- Like a Candle

Returning victorious from their time within the Undermountain, the party sought a night of debauchery and fun. The party thus disbanded for the evening and began their various pursuits. Ophelia, ever the charmer, struck out for some conversation with a debaucherously grotesque merchant lord by the name of Osmand, getting him well and drunk, she … Continue reading Session 10- Like a Candle

Session 8-The City of Splendors

Having claimed victory over a wandering tribe of Merrow, who seemingly worshipped an errant hydra hidden behind a waterfall, the party resumed their trek to Waterdeep. Before arriving at the city walls however they were accosted by a naked human man, Page the bard had his clothes stolen along with his pocket change while skinny-dipping … Continue reading Session 8-The City of Splendors