5 New Lair Action Inspirations

The dungeon boss is a quintessential part of the RPG experience, from the retro days of Final Fantasy and Encountering Garland to the blood pumping action of the Dark Souls series, the grand evil monster in its lair should feel suitably gratifying to exterminate. However, when party could consist of three or more characters, that … Continue reading 5 New Lair Action Inspirations


Session 10- Like a Candle

Returning victorious from their time within the Undermountain, the party sought a night of debauchery and fun. The party thus disbanded for the evening and began their various pursuits. Ophelia, ever the charmer, struck out for some conversation with a debaucherously grotesque merchant lord by the name of Osmand, getting him well and drunk, she … Continue reading Session 10- Like a Candle

Session 8-The City of Splendors

Having claimed victory over a wandering tribe of Merrow, who seemingly worshipped an errant hydra hidden behind a waterfall, the party resumed their trek to Waterdeep. Before arriving at the city walls however they were accosted by a naked human man, Page the bard had his clothes stolen along with his pocket change while skinny-dipping … Continue reading Session 8-The City of Splendors