Session 9-The Flaming Forge

Arriving in the Undermountain magma chamber, the party was surprised to see a small town, inhabited by the indentured slaves of the fire giant Hyphis. Patrolling through the ramshackle town, they saved the life of a young goblin thief by the name of T-twitch. Indebted to them T-twitch, offered the Wardens a brief repose in … Continue reading Session 9-The Flaming Forge


Session 8-The City of Splendors

Having claimed victory over a wandering tribe of Merrow, who seemingly worshipped an errant hydra hidden behind a waterfall, the party resumed their trek to Waterdeep. Before arriving at the city walls however they were accosted by a naked human man, Page the bard had his clothes stolen along with his pocket change while skinny-dipping … Continue reading Session 8-The City of Splendors

Critical Role, Building a Legacy

The successes of the Critical Role brand have been like a firestorm, igniting the flames of passion within the Dungeons and Dragons community. Their recent Kickstarter success being a capstone achievement, surpassing all milestones and funding goals. This group of nerdy ass voice actors has become a cultural icon, the likes of which have not … Continue reading Critical Role, Building a Legacy