Lordly Libations

Long have adventurers been banished to accommodations akin to that of a stable house. Hard tacky mattresses, often filled by straw, with moth-eaten sheets and mysteriously stained blankets that have seen a hundred winters within the creaking and uninsulated walls within the humble alehouses. Stinking of brew and vomit, the inns of shepherds, lodges of outlanders, and taverns of sailors all lack a certain crucial element of class. The spirit of a dragonslayer can often find itself yearning for something a bit more elegant, befitting the lifestyle of one who has collected the horde of an ancient winged serpent. Concerning this total lack of refinement found within humble taprooms and inns of the common folk, the fearless hero should find themselves the nearest dock with the fastest boat to the beach city of Dawnblossom. Fine, white-sand shores paired with the endless elegance and beauty of elven architecture where the lines between nature and civilization seem to blur into one. Beyond the bustling market, standing as a stalwart pillar of fine tourism is the most exotic retreat this side of the southern sea.

The resort, known as Lordy Libations, is quite the sight indeed created by molding the very essence of a massive one three hundred and fifty-foot tall and impossibly thick trunked redwood tree. Grown right out of the body numerous window openings glow with light from the patrons within, amidst the more luxurious rooms, those having their own private balconies that look out over the city like bird nests of nobility. Dappled throughout the branches, high above the finely paved walkway leading to the hotel, small dangling from the lush boughs are hive-like nests, containing a multitude of winged Aracrockra, feathered avian servants that fly to and fro, delivering food and services to windows or balconies from their canopy kitchens.

The base exterior is no less impressive than the upper limits of the living structure, as developed from the very foundation of the trunk is a gazebo that encircles the entirety of the tree. Large columns carved to resemble roots spiral and twist to the ceiling, the open-air pavilion acting as a sort of concierge, in the center of which a large set of stairs with delicate carvings of flowers and roots, disappears into the heart of the tree. Eladrin elves of all seasons bustle about, wearing red and black uniforms decorated with golden trim, they seem to float about, their slender frames and graceful movement belied by some sort of supernatural strength as they effortlessly handle trunks and bags with ease. A large counter, made of local pine, stands gleaming as the center of the gazebo, inviting and friendly, the Elven staff are quick to help any who seek their patronage. The reward for staying in this luxurious repose is the entrance to the central staircase, leading up from the ground floor.

Just above the concierge desk is a perfectly circular lounge, with dark red velvet chairs, and a polished oakwood bar, the center stairs of which continue up to the various rooms above. The sweet smells of roasting meat and honeyed wine from the kitchens mingle in the air with the sweet sounds of music that issue from a balcony stage situated just above the bar. Many a bard has played and found their fortune in these hallowed halls as the acoustics of the chamber create a sound unlike any other, patrons from all around the world have come to see the premier entertainment offered within. Comfortable couches and chairs surround tables that seem to be grown out of the very floor itself, elven waiters in light blue tunics, belted with gold sashes, seem to whirl about elegantly delivering their various cocktails and foods to their well-dressed patrons.

The rooms are no less grand, as even the cheapest has a view, looking out over the city from their multicolored glass windows. Fine beds, filled with the down of geese and bound by the most exquisite cotton available, seem to invite a tired and well-imbibed guest to rest their head. The more luxurious of the rooms, the ones with their own private terraces, are far more than simple beds and a view. Coming with their own ethereal spectral servant, the suites offer private living space, with magical torches that can be set to any color or brightness and a pair of bedrooms to either side of the large central living room. Immediately upon entering the quarters, three oversized stair steps covered with a rainbow of pillows and blankets dominate the area, leading out onto the balcony and offering a communal space for guests who require it. There is, of course, an ensuite chamber pot that is enchanted to dispose of any refuse, and powder room for guests to freshen up before departing the establishment. Lordly Libations is a comfortable respite in an otherwise uncomfortable world. When ghouls and goblins got you grumpy, there really is no other place to kick back and relax. So come to Dawnblossom, have a Fairybrew concoction, and spend that hard-earned mercenary money somewhere your party will never forget.

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