The Sinking Sanctum

A small and humble place, the entrance to the temple of Melora sits atop a large cliff overlooking the ocean. Dug into the very side of the rock a set of precarious stairs set into the side and descending down the cliff face.
At the end of the stairs, spreading out into an open-air temple, great standing stones marking each of the corners of the hexagonal temple
Shaped from the very stone that erupts from the cliff face, as water splashes up across the intricate stone floors, carved in the pattern of waves, and set in such a way that no matter how high the tide, it never gets deeper than ankle height.
At the center of this stone patterned floor, the waters swirling in the grooves so as to spin and move, in and out, with the cycle of the waves, is a large altar of polished white crystal, etched and carved to resemble a flawless open clam, the pearl of which sits in its mouth, standing an impressive seven feet tall and dominating the area. The waters seem to flow almost as if from the pearl, feeding the very ocean.

High Keeper Runa, A Circle of the Land(Ocean) Druid is the keeper of the Sinking Sanctum
She is a Tall, and imposing bright blue-skinned Triton, her skin scaly and wet, with dark seaweed green hair and eyes, she wears an ornate set of scale mail ceremonial armor made of a slightly blue-tinged metal.
She wears no shoes or boots her webbed feet and sports a pair of dark blue flippers on the back of her legs.

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