Asu-Kah, Origin

Asu-Kah was a tall, golden furred, Tabaxi with deep green eyes and a dark, whip-like tail. Often clad in his signature scaled armor, he sports an enchanting brand of Melora on one arm. Raised in the Verdant Repose, yet still of unknown origin, Asu-Kah had long wondered about his past. Questions like who his parents were, why he was abandoned, and most of all, what future did his destiny hold?

Brought up to be a paladin or warden of nature, he was taught the ancient ways, manipulating the living world around him. As he grew, however, he became more and more curious, like his feline ancestors he could not sit still, as the call of a nomad was a difficult one to resist.

As an outlet to all this uncertainty and desire, he would seek out the inns and taverns of the lower boughs, learning to sing and play and act. Yet, after years of stagnating and expressing this turmoil within him, the Moonflower himself allowed Asu-Kah the right to a trial of adulthood, bestowing upon him a quest “To rescue the lost”, the greying venerable druid had said.

Setting out, holy symbol packed, dagger and handaxes at the ready, he set out alone. Down the winding mountain path and into the vast desert, Asu-Kah’s heart filled to the brim with hope, he found his spirit guide in the form of a small yellow bird. Somehow knowing this creature’s name to be Loke, Asu-Kah followed his avian ally, across the sands, to the red stone city of Giant’s Gate.

It was rare to see a Tabaxi so far west, and being so naive, it was amusing at first, all the attention. As this was the first real city he had ever been too, he made friends and found a knack for speaking his way out of difficult situations. However, the swindlers had far more experience in the art of nuance and thievery. Soon, he was taken for most of his gold, suddenly left on the other side of the river, funds dwindled and no lost souls to be found, except for himself.

Self-doubt and sadness welled from within, yet he still felt something pulling him forward, an ever-present call to action. Continuing on, the minute bird ever-shifting and leading the way, Asu-Kah found himself in the leisure village of Villaheim. It was there he discovered that his years of entertaining could finally pay off. He found coin and comfort, even staying in an abandoned riverside cottage for awhile. Though, here too he was run out, as squatting in a wealthy person’s home tends to do.

Lost and his purpose nearly forgotten, he wandered the endless grasses, until coming upon a lost parchment, seeking out adventurers to come and slay some dastardly giant wolves, far to the west in a small village named Welton. Intrest renewed and with his trusty companion Loke bye his side, Asu-Kah began his journey across the Beast Lands in earnest, anxious to find his destiny, and perhaps the truth behind his lineage.

Whatever he had hoped to find, however, it wasn’t what greeted him. Walking along the snow strewn road of the nettle valley, deep forest on either side, the sounds of the birds quieted around him, as he found himself embroiled in a conflict far-reaching, beyond some simple wolves, his destiny intertwining with that of the sallow-faced Drow that came to aid him as the brutish canines pounced from the shadows. Little did he know, his adventure had only just begun.

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