Session 11- Recovery

Beginning a hasty escape the party rushed down the immolated tower, carrying the body of their compatriot, Cylia. Taking a quick detour, Asu-Kah and Monty became trapped in the office of Lady Valencia. Through quick thinking and a bit of bravery, they lept from the balcony. Departing through the front doors, like normal people, Vincent, and a shell shocked Ophelia aided the battle-weary Shirley out of the tower.

Trekking down the ash-covered road, the party encountered a now revived Valencia along with a heartbroken chuck, both being guided down the street by Page the bard. Laying low in his home, Page revealed himself to be the Silver Dragon Isi-Nil, the protector of Masked Lords. Seeking some alone time Ophelia set out to perform and drink her sorrows away, while the party sought a short quest given by Isi-Nil.

Before departing, Shirley read a book, Asu-Kah talked to a centaur, Monty deepened his covenant with the Raven Queen, and Vincent did a lot of push-ups. Departing with the mercenary Barogak the party set off in search of gnolls. Discovering their quarry the party was beset by traps and trolls and gnolls, all seemingly marked by the dark God Yeenoghu. Clearing out the dungeon they slew the demonic and twisted Flind, along with his pet Shoosuva.

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