Session 9-The Flaming Forge

Arriving in the Undermountain magma chamber, the party was surprised to see a small town, inhabited by the indentured slaves of the fire giant Hyphis. Patrolling through the ramshackle town, they saved the life of a young goblin thief by the name of T-twitch. Indebted to them T-twitch, offered the Wardens a brief repose in the subterranean vaults that make up the Undermountain Thieves’ Guild. Offering him payment in the way of shiny bits the party bedded down and headed for the Giant’s Citadel upon waking to find T-twitch already gone. Departing the town and witnessing the dilapidated situation the bridge was in they opted for climbing across some massive chains that held the fortress aloft, above a massive lake of magma. Inside the keep they quickly dismantled the Giant’s security system, and killed his dogs, the party then managed to parley with an enslaved Fire Elemental Myrmidon, convincing him to go against his master. Being magically teleported onto the forge anvil, floating atop the magma lake, they instigated a battle with Hyphis. Through searing flame and boiling magma, the party defeated the Forgemaster, calming his head and a pair of mysterious ancient gauntlets he seemed to be re-forging. Barely escaping the collapsing keep the party returned to Undertown to find it in disarray, the slaves seemingly aware of their newfound freedom were rioting after all, T-twitch was recovered, and they ascended the cavern, back to Waterdeep and the well beneath the Yawning Portal.

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