Session 10- Like a Candle

Returning victorious from their time within the Undermountain, the party sought a night of debauchery and fun. The party thus disbanded for the evening and began their various pursuits. Ophelia, ever the charmer, struck out for some conversation with a debaucherously grotesque merchant lord by the name of Osmand, getting him well and drunk, she used a major image in an attempt to seduce him. Failing this, she swiped some shit and got kicked out thusly, seemingly with her prize unnoticed. A quiet and contemplative Vincent was brought into the night manager’s upscale party, regaling the assembled nobility he caught the eye of a young Tiefling woman by the name of Misery. Also failing in his pursuits, Vincent was thusly thrown out from his party, leaving Monty and Asu-Kah to follow a shady pair of soldiers out of the tavern. Approaching a massive airship dock, they were accosted by none other than Angus McFife himself. Explaining they had finished their mission, and learning the men were associates of Angus’s they were sent on their way, eventually settling in for a night’s rest. Spending their next day receiving payment from Lady Valencia, the party began a shopping day, acquiring and selling a number of items. Even having a strange encounter with an even stranger man by the name of Elon, where they were given a contract to kill their friend, the Tabaxi Kajiid. Through their investigations and dealing the Wardens learned their enemy Aiden and his Scorched cult were active once more, kidnapping people of certain bloodlines for a ritual of some sort. Thereupon a storm befell Waterdeep, obscuring the sky and allowing for the fiery explosion of the Dawnspear, Angus’s personal airship, to be seen against the dark clouds. Heading into the fray at the airship tower, the party was accosted by members of the Scorched, as well as a regiment of Kobolds. Winding their way up the now burning tower, the party stopped to see Lady Valencia herself, dead and pinned against the wall, he throat seemingly slashed. Finally ascending to the top, they discovered Angus had been drugged and then bound in chains, their ally Chuck being dangled off the side of the tower by a masked figure. Approaching, he cast Chuck off the side, dooming him and his lover Cylia who lay amongst the dead on the tower. A battle ensued in which the masked figure seemed to reveal some sort of familial connection to Ophelia, before departing on the back of an ancient red dragon, who seemed to be the fabled Kobold King. However, before leaving Aiden had a warning for the group and breathed hot red fire upon them all, killing Monteliese. Only through quick action, and a luckily unused pearl of power, Vincent was able to revivify Monty, while witnessing a strange hallucination of a dark-skinned woman.

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