Session 8-The City of Splendors

Having claimed victory over a wandering tribe of Merrow, who seemingly worshipped an errant hydra hidden behind a waterfall, the party resumed their trek to Waterdeep. Before arriving at the city walls however they were accosted by a naked human man, Page the bard had his clothes stolen along with his pocket change while skinny-dipping in the ocean. Deciding to clothe the man, with the promise of coin should they get him back to the city, they set off to the gates. Upon delivering Page to his homestead the party was paid, then they were promptly kicked out after some attempted thievery. Visiting various shops and acquiring some new boons and preparing for the journey ahead they party descended the well entrance within the Yawning Portal Tavern, into the Undermountain.

Taking time to be careful and study their environment the Wardens passed through the tunnels virtually unmolested, until coming upon a toll gate set up by a wandering band of duergar brigands. Defeating them and pushing on to the undercity of Skullport. Meeting up with a contact of Montelise’s, a pirate queen by the name of Laurelai, a deal was struck to oust the upstart gangster Dia. Through charm and intimidation, the party managed to find an audience in the Drow Mage Dia’s private dance floor. A battle ensued in which Dia was slain and the party was instructed to visit the abode of the Crime Lord Xanathar to secure travel. When asked if they were ready to leave, hasty Asu-kay replied with “now” leading the party to be instantly teleported to an unknown location.

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