The Story So Far

Tempting fate and tiptoeing around destiny the Wardens of Welton are a unique bunch, to say the least. Starting with the lost pair, an Eladrin Elf and a Mountain Dwarf, cursed with a legacy of Arcane magic, found themselves lost amongst the Feywild. Stumbling through the wilds the duo eventually found their way back to the prime material plane, near the woods of the Nettle Valley. At the same time, a young Tabaxi and his new friend, a Half-Drow, united in order to slay some wolves and get some coin. Quickly learning they were outmatched they pair found two unlikely allies, forging through the woods.
The golden-furred Tabaxi Paladin Asu-kah, Half-Drow Hexblade Montelise, Eladrin Bard Ophelia, and Dwarvish Eldritch Knight Shirley united to drive away the Wolves of Welton. Unsuccessfully sneaking up on them, the party turned to the blade and slew many of the canine foes, one of which could even breath fire. Seeing defeat the leader Bolt, an enormous black and blue furred dire wolf, spoke the common tongue begging for mercy. Feeling rather merciful the party let him go, with a dire warning that should he or his pack return, they would be hunted down and put to the sword.
Making their way back to Welton the party continued to do great deeds, defeating the orcs of the Eastern Watchtower and freeing their slaves. Eventually, the wardens found their way to the long-destroyed temple devoted to the worship of fiends and the Nine Hells. Clearing out the Kobolds and errant ice elementals the party and their new ally, the Dragonborn Otoxicrose, fought and defeated the Cambion Asphodel forcing her to retreat. Retrieving a book of dark rituals the party returned to town, in order to found their new guild hall.
After enjoying some relaxing downtime and a great festival held in their honor, the party met the sky pirate prince Angus McFife and pledged to join him in adventuring. Before they could set out on his airship, the Dawnspear, the party needed to wrap up some business and clear out the incursion of orcs once and for all. Using Angus’s Ship as a distraction, they stealthed into the orc stronghold, devastating the meager forces inside they found their way to the great hall. The ground stained with blood and the smell of sulfur in the air the Wardens did battle with Asphodel once again, as she attempted to created a portal linked to the Hells. Defeating her once and for all, they emerged from the battle victorious, the orcs scattered to the wind and their citadel put to the torch.
Setting off with Angus once more, the party was again sidetracked, this time by an incursion of undead blighting the Redeemer’s lands. Investigating the fallen fishing village and rescuing what few survivors lay within, the Wardens met the Water Gensai Cleric Vincent. Making fast friends he joined the party and assisted in defeating a reanimated revenant of a man killed by Asu-kah. Finally able to board the airship and head out the party reached Dun Korath, Angus’s home.
Not ones to waste time, the party spent one day resting then set out, meeting Shirley’s long lost sister and finding out that she and Ophelia had been in the Feywild for more than one hundred years. Despite this troubling news the party set out to work for “The Lords of Iron” the strongest adventuring guild within Dun Korath. Promising to slay a fire giant under Waterdeep the Wardens hit the road on horseback. With a quick stop to kill a nasty hydra that had been hoarding local treasure they finally made it to the City of Splendors.

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