Angus McFife

Angus McFife, adventurer extraordinaire, is not by any means a quiet man. Boisterous and full of life Angus leads the sky pirates known as the Redeemers. From atop his gilded airship, he commands the skies, plundering the rich in order to fund his dying empire.

  • Type: NPC Leader
  • Class: Bard (College of Swords)
  • Creature Type: Dwarf (Hill)
  • Level 5-12
  • Age: 258
  • Profession: Leader of the Redeemers
  • Family: McFife Dynasty


Approaching the middle of his life, Angus is beginning to grey a bit in his otherwise luxurious raven colored hair. The Prince’s beard is a sight to behold, extending down to his portly belly in a single long braid held together with a golden cuff at the bottom. He often wears a simple white shirt, unbuttoned near the top, with the sleeves rolled up revealing his tanned and muscular arms. Lashed to his gold and blue kilt are his trusty scimitar and dagger, along with a knife hidden in his tall black boots.


Angus is a loud and outspoken individual who will not, under any circumstance, forget his morality. Despite being labeled a sky pirate he and his companions style themselves freedom fighters, taking from the Imperialist dogs. Due to his rather blunt attitude trouble is not far away from Angus at any given time. When the going gets tough, however, is when the blades do the talking. A master swordsman Angus inspires his allies on the battlefield, using fantastic flourishes and killer combos to bring hope and inspire fear. He wields his magic through his blades allowing for a subtle touch on his bardic casting. Never to take anything too serious, however, after a tough night’s plundering Angus will gladly play a tune on his bagpipes and down a large cool ale.


Born in the Riverlands, beneath the shadows of the snowy peaks, Angus was the third son of the Crown Prince. It was all his parents could do to keep the young Angus out of trouble, as he was always harassing the other noble children. Being seen as too much of a bother, and too far removed to ever be king, he was sent to learn the arts of war. He was a prodigy of the battlefield, forgoing the shield he would jump into action with nothing but a sword and dagger. It was through his skill and affinity for lucky escapes that word of the Daring Dwarf began to spread. Eventually being stationed with the wood elves of the south Angus learned the basics of arcane magic, thus mixing it with his already astounding swordplay, earning him the moniker “The Brazen Bard”. After years of campaigning the prince was ready to retire, laden down with the spoils of war he returned to find his kingdom covered ice. The dwarves had dug too far into the mountain, awakening a long-dormant ancient white dragon. In its fury the dragon had claimed the kingdom, flash freezing it in a night. Now, all that stands of his people are the icy statues that once burned with the fires of life. Retreating from their ancestral home Angus and his warband have become the mercenary group known as the Redeemers. With their airships they rule the skies, working for those with deep pockets in order to one day purchase an army to reclaim their home.

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