Amelda Ithil-lóth

Amelda Ithil-lóth, or just Amie to her friends, is the head alchemist of the small town Welton. She is also the leader of the underground movement the Shepherds, an underground railroad for slaves and misfits. She is the chief benefactor of the Wardens, and her goods have seen them through many an adventure.

  • Type: NPC Alchemist
  • Class: Druid (Spores)
  • Creature Type: Elf
  • Level 13-17
  • Age: 700+
  • Profession: Owner “Amelda’s Alchemy”
  • Family: Isoteth (Lover, Descesed)


Despite her age, Amelda appears a stunning Elven beauty of near forty human years. Luxurious blonde hair often hangs loose dappling her shoulders in radiance and framing her sharp and angular face, a thin gold chain wraps around her slender neck supporting glimmering green peridots around an emerald amulet. Her verdant green eyes seem to sparkle with the energy and magic bubbling just beneath the surface. She most often wears dark green or blue robes, adorned with leaves and embroidered with ivy, denoting her position as a priestess of Melora.


Due to her many years, Amelda often comes off as a bit of a know it all. She is a book worm and if she had not chosen druidism early in life, then a wizard she would have been. Through her mannerisms and laid back personality, she can often be characterized as aloof; however, this cannot be further from the truth as she cares deeply for the shorter-lived races, it is just difficult for her to become attached. Owing to all this loss, she is quick to anger should someone threaten a cherished person. With claw and magic, she is a fierce fighter and embodies the inner predator should the situation arise.
Because of these somewhat motherly attributes, Amelda has become the defacto healer and source of comfort for the local adventurer’s guild. She does not resent this, however, embraces her newfound position of influence. The cause of life stands above all else, as such she would gladly give her own.


Born in the Nettle Valley some 700+ years ago Amelda is hesitant to speak on her past. All that is widely known is that she has long been a student of the Moonflower and the druidic ways. Her domain is that of her ancestral home, providing security and balance in the Nettle Valley. She found herself as one of the original founders of Welton, providing a boon for farming production. She has ever since been the town alchemist, as well as a part of the council. Ever since the arrival of the Wardens and the founding of the Adventurer’s guild Amelda has found a business boom, being able to hire employees and focus more on her work as a priestess.

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