Inscribed Arcanum

The “book” store is a two-story tall cylindrical building, painted a soft blue, with a dark purple tiled roof with a sign in the shape of a scroll that reads ‘Inscribed Arcanum’ on the open face. The interior is a gathering of bookshelves, all pushed up against the wall in a semicircle, atop a mosaic tiled floor where all the colors of the rainbow swirl out from a small pool set in the center of the space. A large and extravagant silvered chandelier hangs from above, magical flame glowing atop unburnt glass candles, as the room smells of lavender and aged paper. A multitude of tomes and scrolls fill the shelves in neat little rows without a trace of dust on them, as railings offer the ability to slide large redwood ladders along the stacks. Soft harp music seems to echo around the vaulted chamber as near the back a few small reading tables as well as a check out counter sit.
The owner and master scribe Calibrei is a tall and ancient elven woman of tanned and weathered skin, her hair white and often tied up in a tight bun. She is a former adventurer, yet as those days have long since past, she dresses in a more customary fashion with a long flowing white tunic and rich leather sandals. She often adorns herself with only a ruby inlaid amulet, a treasure of long ago.

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