Session 1

Exploring woods outside of Welton Asu-kah and Montelise set forth to destroy the scourge of wolves that haunted the forest. Stumbling their way along they met a dwarf named Shirley and an Eladrin by the name of Ophelia who united in their cause. While traveling through the murky woods they happened upon a large and unearthly hedge into which they were summarily forced to explore the maze. While being haunted by a roving minotaur the adventurers moved through the Feywild labyrinth meeting many of its denizens, including a pair of Faerie Dragons and the Dryad Wildberry, the party then freed the Maze’s master Vineblossom.

Upon exiting the Maze the party discovered they had been thrust nearly a year and a half into the future and thus returned to town to investigate the cause of the wolves further. Upon entering the traitorous Tiamat worshiping sanctum of the local cleric “Father” Merrickson they were then beset by the Oath breaker Paladin. After defeating him and fleeing the scene the party gathered a table in the empty tavern of the Shepherd’s Staff inn, as the sounds of bells began to ring in the distance.


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