Session 0

Having braved the wolves of Welton and being summarily defeated by a raging Owlbear, the pair of adventurers Asu-kah and Montelise were rescued and brought back to health by the town’s local druid, Amelda. Heading off to town the pair spoke with Tullius, the leader of the Merchant’s Guild of Welton. Learning of the recent disappearance of the town sorcerer, and receiving a quest to retrieve some herbs from his abode, the adventurers set off into the Sorcerer Aiden’s home.

After nearly being decapitated by a plant the party discovered a hidden underground tunnel with a painting acting as a portal to Aidens lab, after being attacked and defeating a phase spider the duo discovered Aiden had an unusually large amount of spell books for someone who is not is Wizard, as well as a number of texts referring to Aiden’s Experiments on the local wildlife as well someone known as the “Kobold King”. Steeling themselves, the duo set off into the woods to seek out the wolves who had be plaguing Welton.


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