Misery’s Magical Market

Deep within the darkened alleyways, past the gangs of roving thieves and brigands, tucked away in a corner lies the mysterious establishment of Matron Misery. The storefront is that of a gaunt black painted structure, with dull shuttered windows and a steep timbered roof. Low lit black iron lanterns diffuse a soft glow full as shadows dance from a crackling fire within a small hearth near the center. The aromas of incense mix with various earthy tones greet visitors as a scant few shelves and racks of items display numerous goods. Various runes of arcane origin emit low buzzing sounds as sparking magical energy cracks and break, seemingly drawn to a large purple crystal embedded into the back wall.

Matron Misery herself is a rather young appearing Tiefling of blood red skin and a braid of long white hair that tumbles down her back. Two small horns protruding from her skull, curl gently and frame a face of exquisite beauty. Her deep, pupilless, white eyes stare down from an impressive height. The Matron would never be seen in anything less than a long ruffled black or deep red dress, high colored with long sleeves plus black high-heeled boots. Her rather assertive attitude and experience with the arcane arts contrast that of her fairly young form; thus creating an air of mystery, a mystery of which she is hesitant to reveal to any but the most trusted.

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