Lucretia’s Voodoo

A massive green and purple mushroom lay fallen over onto the side of the cobblestone street, its cap resting just a few feet from moving carts and passerby a door as windows and small door holes have been carved into the top. Progressing inside the air carries a heavy scent of fungus and sulfur, as various bubbling potions smoke from low set shelves. Garlic, rosemary, and numerous other herbs are joined by the cleaned skulls of different humanoids and animals as they sway from wooden rafters set inside the hollowed out mushroom cap. Cracked and older wooden boards line the walls and partition off the front shop from the back living quarters, as light seems to emanate sourcelessly as the still living fungus throbs and glows light blue.

Lucretia was once a goblin is now cursed to live forever in undeath; however, she has kept her mind despite her head still being separated from the mounting. Now she hangs gently decaying , a dark green and liver-spotted goblin head with strings of patchy white hair, suspended above the shop front’s main counter. Her body, still animated, bumbles around the interior helping guide guests and taking the coin after a transaction.

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