The Bleating Bastard

The inn is a grand half-timbered building, with a blue tile roof, with rows of windows three stories high. Large wooden doors stand open as a number of wooden tables are scattered around the outside. A sign painted with a cartoonish goat’s head, the eyes have large red xs over them
The interior is a mass of round tables with high timbered vaulted ceilings. A pair of staircases on either side of the entrance leads to the second and third floors of the massive tavern. The sweet smells of smoked meats and mead mix with the smoke of many a lit pipe or cigar. A general din of noise reveals a rather rowdy atmosphere as various adventurers of all races boast and drink, some arguing while others cheer to the music played on a stage that sits above a large sand-filled pit.
There is no set bar as the food and drink seem to float around, making their way to the various tables via air elemental.
As you enter the band begins an upbeat tune while a beautiful white pale-skinned woman dressed in a tight white shirt and corset, skirts flowing, begins to sing.

The owner, Mirrra, is an Aasimar bard who influences her bound air elementals with her daily performance on the Bastard’s stage. The fighting pit was born more out of necessity rather than for entertainment as one too many a table was broken and in order to quell the frequent bar fights the pit was dug, in order to settle disputes. The champion of the Bastard’s pit is a dwarf fighter by the name of Amareena, or better known by her fighting moniker “Rain”. Rain is known to accept most challengers, only after they have proven themselves by winning in a fight, there are no rules in a fight with the champ be it sword or sorcery she will stand victorious.

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